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Let me help give your publishing dream a happy ending.

Great deal for the new year!

To celebrate the new year, starting January 1st, I will be offering a 50% discount to any client who provides a referral who also becomes a paying client. If you refer a friend and they purchase my services, you will receive the 50% discount on your next edit. That’s big savings for 2015!

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New Beginnings and Happy Endings

Hi, and welcome to my site! Spring is a time for new beginnings and this spring marks a new chapter in my life as I embark upon an exciting journey into the world of freelance editing.  I love words, love to paint a story with the lush, colorful palette that is the English language. And I love to read the words of others, experience the worlds they have painted with their own unique brushes. What a treat and a privilege it is to be part of another author’s creative process!

If you’re a writer looking for someone who will give your work the respect, time and expertise it deserves, please take a few minutes to browse through my pages. If you feel we’d be a good fit, drop me an email at HappyEndingsEditing@gmail.com

Jacquelyn Fox

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